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Posted by in News, Helpful Tips on July 28, 2014 .

While we may not have plenty of tips for the races, we, at Mr. Mister, can offer you a few style pointers for looking dapper and with many of our items now reduced to half price, you’re already on a winner!

Racing these days is as much about the fashion as it is about the horse betting and with the Galway Racing Festival fast approaching, men all over the country are getting ready to dress to the nines (and have an excuse to do so). The answer to what to wear to the races is pretty standard - a suit, a shirt, a tie and leather shoes - but it's the details that will make it an appropriate outfit that stands out from the crowd.


Posted by in Helpful Tips on June 12, 2014 .

The way you dress creates the perception people form about you. Whether it’s a job interview or a dinner date, men and women are extremely conscious about how they look and what they wear.

Even when going to the workplace, men have to be careful about what they wear. Your reputation at work isn’t only about your work ethic or whether you meet deadlines, it is also formed by the way you dress and talk to others. Dressing smartly at work, will influence your employers impression of your personality and capabilities. Therefore, spending time and effort on dressing will be a good investment.

 There are three basic features to a...